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In 1997, Mike Ibe Jr. developed the direction and business model for The Legends Group. Under his direction, the company was built to help non-profit organizations tap into a new generation of resources designed to take fundraising to the next level. As an autograph collector and philanthropist, he realized the importance of using new techniques to find donations and efficiency for the non-profit community over 60 years.

Mike Ibe Jr.

Mike Ibe oversees the development of all aspects of The Legends Group. He works with clients to ascertain their needs and provide new fundraising strategies. Ibe has a background in public relations for both public and private companies. He also has committed countless hours of community service to nonprofits across the country. Ibe holds a bachelor's degree from San Diego State University.

Kyle Kravitz

Throughout his 15+ years with The Legends Group, Kyle has been an integral part of the companies development. Overseeing all circulating inventory and managing hundreds of accounts, Kyle has shown to be among the best at bringing the right appeal to every demographic. 

Director of Operations

Ryan Sias

Director of Special Events / IT

Ryan has been with The Legends Group for 6+ years helping procure and manage hundreds of events. Spending the past two years in the IT space, Ryan now oversees all online aspects of The Legends Group and works with clients to offer a turn key online silent auction service. Being in Southern California, Ryan manages a team of employees servicing the greater California area and large productions. 

Ryan Wesefeldt

Spending over 4 years with The Legends Group, Ryan has grown into one of the best when it comes to auction presence. Growing up in Southern California, also working in the service industry, Ryan's ability for serving and producing results is next to none. 

Event Lead

Sean Dougherty

Event Lead

Spending over 10 years developing his professional career in the management space, Sean has been an asset to The Legends Group through his expertise and knowledge for over 5 years now. Being in Dallas, Texas Sean organizes and leads most events in the area ensuring to meet and exceed any expectations the charity may have.

Alex Allen

Event Lead

The salesman of all salesmen, Alex has been with The Legends Group for 4 years now proving time and time again he is a pro at running auctions. Not letting anybody pass by with out engagement, Alex will keep the atmosphere light and make sure to capitalize on any opportunity presented.

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